The Altar : LPCF 039 : Mondo Jenkins – 01.10.15 (Low Quality)

We do apologize for the sound quality. Due to technical difficulties, we could not record today’s sermon in our normal way. However, we are grateful to God that we can still bring you this recording made from our video camera. Thank you for your prayers and support and we hope you are blessed today!  […]


Being Made New – Eddie Hon, Youth Minister

     As we take our first couple of steps into 2016, it’s easy feel almost overwhelmed with all the promises and aspirations we have for our new year! We say things like, “2016 is going to be my greatest year,” or, “I’m going to fix this, and that, and improve by then!” We want[…]


Holiness, Wrath, Grace : LPCF 038 : Mondo Jenkins – 01.03.15

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