March 17, 2015

Meet the Pastor


The Jenkins family is passionate about the Body of Christ awakening to Heaven’s agenda and securely embracing identity as sons and daughters of the King. This includes but is not limited to: connecting to our God-given identity and purpose, partnering with Holy Spirit, living empowered lives that bring Heaven to earth, and surrendering ourselves to become vessels of Love. The world is crying out for this. Through the Word of God and Spirit of God, the aim is to equip the family of God to manifest Father’s Love in our every day lives, families, jobs, schools, and spheres of influence.

Here at Life Park, it is a privilege to walk alongside a team of gifted leaders and friends who love and serve well. The culture at Life Park is one that values family, honor and unity. Impressed on Mondo’s heart as he became senior pastor was God saying, Don’t run ahead of Me, don’t drag your feet, just walk with Me. As he does life with the flock, Mondo is intent on staying tuned in to Holy Spirit and present with Father. As one who has experienced the life-altering love that only Jesus can give, it’s his joy to assist others in finding life, freedom, and hope in Christ.

May the anthem of Jesus, Family and Power be sung and built upon both now and in generations to come,

Mondo and Leeca Jenkins