March 17, 2015

Meet the Pastor

jenkins196F2warmertooth (7)Pastor Mondo Jenkins


Pastor Mondo’s faith journey has been anything but dull. It’s a story of adventure with threads of God’s amazing grace woven throughout. By age 17, he was running full speed ahead down a road of destruction. This path was intersected when a youth pastor saw his potential and started pouring into him God’s real and present love. Mondo’s eyes were opened to the Savior’s relentless love at church camp, and he invited Jesus into his life. On this new trek, he found the redeeming love of the Heavenly Father. Mondo also discovered how the Holy Spirit can turn impossible situations into attainable reality. In 2000, he graduated from Ozark Christian College and married the woman his soul loves. Since then, he has served in various church ministry roles including youth and associate pastoring.

The heartbeat of Mondo’s life work is connecting people to the God who made them through the Savior who loves them. Here at Life Park, it is a privilege to walk alongside gifted leaders and friends who also aim to share the gospel. Impressed on his heart as he became senior pastor was God saying, Don’t run ahead of Me, don’t drag your feet, just walk with Me. As he does life with the flock God has given him, Mondo is intent on staying tuned in to the Holy Spirit and present with the Father.  As one who has experienced the life-altering love that only Jesus can give, it’s his joy to assist others in finding life, meaning, and hope in Christ.

Mondo and his wife, Leeca (pronounced Lee-sha), both grew up in Lawton, OK and met as teenagers around the time Jesus was rocking Mondo’s world. They became great friends and married 7 years later. Nowadays, they are enjoying the exhilarating and marvelous mission of raising children.