“…the truth of the Gospel which we daily delight in.” – Ben Krick 

This summer I went to California with a ministry called the travel-ing team! It was an incredible summer of growth and I am so thankful for the opportunity. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my experiences in California with Life Park and I am thankful for the prayers and financial support.

I spent the first half of the summer program taking a course called

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. This class is incredible and I gained so much knowledge about God’s heart and specifically His heart for the world through missions. There were four parts of the class: biblical basis of missions, historical trends in missions, proper cultur-ally understanding of the world, and specific strategies to be most effective in spreading the Gospel to the nations. This class was very intense and lasted 15 full days.

It was so incredible to gain in the knowledge and growth that affirmed my calling to go overseas one day. It also gave me further understanding and strategy to do so. The second half of the pro-gram consisted of discipleship and education in world religions. The program was very good at equipping us in our personal walk with the Lord as well as enabling us to spread His message to our peers to further the cycle of discipleship. This discipleship was gained through small groups, going to a variety of churches, listening to speakers, inductively studying the bible, beach evangel-ism, etc.

Beside discipleship, we also formally studied the five major religions and visited their places of worship. It was incredible stretching to visit these temples and learn about other religions. It was very hard to understand the reality that millions of people do not know the gospel and that they faithfully follow other religions that are not the truth of the Gospel which we daily delight in. However these experiences made sure in me the necessity of sharing the Gospel to the “ends of the World” as Paul talks about in Acts 1:8. Millions don’t know the Gospel and it is our responsi-bility to tell them by speaking truth and walking in love.

I am incredibly thankful for the education and growth I received this summer that prepared me for full-time mission work prayerfully in the near future. No one is too far away or too far broken to experience and be transformed by the love of God and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is therefore His commandment to us to spread this power and Gospel of reconciliation. The kingdom is coming and I am thankful for my, the body of Christ, and specifically for Life Park’s heart and incredibly well focused role in that.