“Heaven’s Way!” – Mondo Jenkins, Senior Pastor

We have baptized three people this year! Three people have accepted Christ and have proclaimed Christ as their Lord and Savior. Some people might read that first sentence and laugh, while some baptisteries haven’t been used in years.

I’ve heard some churches baptize hundreds at a time. When I hear of those great successes it blows my mind, and I long to witness such a great spectacle of new creation. I read three times in Luke 15 where there is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents. I am overwhelmed with the stories that Jesus tells concerning the one lost soul.

In the stories, Jesus mentions the shepherd will leave the 99 saved to search for the one lost, a woman searching carefully for her lost coin, and a son who leaves and his father waiting patiently for him to return.

In all of the stories Jesus tells in Luke 15, my attention is captured by the intentional desire for the one to be found. These stories are personal… my heart melts with the knowledge that God Almighty seeks the one.

Knowing first-hand how it feels to be pursued by the King of Kings only lends to my heart being full. Sometimes it’s easy to read “three people have been baptized” and not think of the three different stories and each precious soul that was touched by God’s grace. Heaven’s Way! Heaven’s Way! Heaven rejoices over the one! Heaven rejoices and invites us to rejoice along.

Go and re-read Luke 15 and notice in each story told, the person who finds the lost item proclaims “Rejoice with Me.” Heaven rejoices over one sinner found and calls out to friends and neighbors “Rejoice with me.”

Today I am rejoicing over you Kali! Tomorrow I will be rejoicing over you Kali! Your story… your testimony will change lives. The life of one found is worth rejoicing over. “By the Blood” I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, crucified, and rose again and I believe He is reigning in power. The King, Victor over all sin – I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and the life-changing power of His love and I believe that without Him I’m nothing except by the power of His blood. AMEN

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